Visitor Friendly Alberta

Three women walk on a boardwalk Three women walk on a boardwalk

Transforming your community into a welcoming destination can create lasting impressions for visitors and encourage them to return.

The Visitor Friendly Alberta Program helps you see your community through the eyes of a visitor. The program identifies ways to enhance your community’s visual appeal, wayfinding and signage, customer and visitor services, and visitor amenities.

Your community can use the Visitor Friendly Alberta toolkit called: Visitor Friendly Alberta: A Guide to Welcoming Tourists to your Community in one of two ways:

  • Community-based working groups can conduct self-assessments and develop action plans using the free online toolkit.
  • Communities can work with a third-party consultant to undertake a professional evaluation and produce a Visitor Friendly Alberta strategy and action plan to be presented to their municipal council. This option is cost shared between the community and Alberta Culture and Tourism.

For more information, contact the Visitor Friendly.

Last reviewed/revised: October 6, 2017
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