Tourism Entrepreneurship Startup Seminar

Program Outline

The Tourism Entrepreneurship Startup Seminar (TESS) is a new one-day seminar that being held in various municipalities across Alberta. The program is designed to assist startup tourism entrepreneurs and businesses increase their likelihood of success.

The program helps entrepreneurs access essential information and resources. It is designed to address the main issues for start-up companies entering into the tourism industry such as seasonal demand, financing and marketing.

TESS will be delivered as a one-day seminar and include a take-home workbook for self-work and an “expert café” of short meetings with tourism business specialists in finance, marketing and labour.


  1. Who should attend the Tourism Entrepreneurship Startup Seminar?

    People who are thinking about starting a tourism business or entrepreneurs who have just entered the tourism industry (less than two years).

  2. Where and when will TESS take place?

    While this will be an ongoing program, the initial launch is planned for February 2018. For current dates and locations, visit the TESS Eventbrite registration page at

  3. Is there a cost to attend TESS?

    There is no cost to attend TESS, but pre-registration is required.

  4. How can I register for a seminar in my area?

    The schedule of dates and times and the registration form is on

  5. What is the relationship between TESS and the Tourism Entrepreneurship Programs?

    TESS program is a new service under the Tourism Entrepreneurship Programs, which provide a suite of tools and services to help entrepreneurs start new tourism businesses and help existing tourism entrepreneurs innovate, expand or refresh their operations. This new approach provides greater focus on the key issues that are unique to the tourism industry, including issues of seasonality, financing, labour and marketing.

Upcoming Dates

For more information on dates, locations or to register please go to

Additional Assistance

For more information on TESS or assistance with your tourism business please call 1-780-641-9326 or email Tourism Entrepreneurship. Last reviewed/revised: January 16, 2018
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