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The work of the Recreation and Physical Activity Division is done in alignment with several provincial and national policy documents and statements. Below are some of the guiding documents for the sector as well as other relevant government policy documents:

Active Alberta

Recreation, active living, and sport are vitally important to Albertans. The activities they choose for enjoyment, where they live and take vacations, what they teach their children, and who they select as their heroes all demonstrate how important the sector is to the lives of Albertans. This policy sets a new vision for recreation, active living, and sport for the next 10 years.
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Alberta Sport Plan

Going the Distance: The Alberta Sport Plan 2014-2024 provides a coordinated approach to advancing sport in Alberta. It introduces a framework that sets the direction for all stakeholders that are committed to realizing the positive impacts of sport for individuals and communities across Alberta.

Alberta Tourism Framework

Alberta is well positioned among Canadian destinations to grow in coming years and the Alberta government supports economic diversification. Tourism levy funding provides a sustainable foundation to support tourism planning, marketing and development activities. The Active Alberta Policy identifies a related strategic priority to "develop and promote tourism based recreation, active living and sport opportunities".

Alberta's Plan For Parks

The Plan for Parks is a 10-year blueprint for guiding management of Alberta's parks system to ensure sustainability of our natural landscapes; enhance recreational opportunities; and improve quality of life for Albertans. The Active Alberta Policy identifies a related strategic priority to "Implement Alberta's Plan for Parks to guide long term planning and ensure our parks are protected yet accessible for Albertans' active living, recreation and sport activities".

Active Canada 20/20

The response of a broad cross-section of the physical activity community from across Canada who are concerned about health and quality of life, and who are committed to addressing the urgent national need to increase physical activity and reduce sedentary living.

Canadian Sport Policy

The Canadian Sport Policy sets out a vision for a dynamic and innovative culture that promotes and celebrates participation and excellence in sport.

Framework for Recreation in Canada 2015: Pathways to Wellbeing

Recreation fosters the wellbeing of individuals and communities, and of our built and natural environments. The Framework for Recreation in Canada 2015 is designed to guide and stimulate coordinated policies and practices in recreation and related jurisdictions in Canada that aim to improve the wellbeing of individuals, communities and the built and natural environments.

Toronto Charter on Physical Activity

Toronto Charter for physical activity advocates for greater political and social commitment to support health and enhancing physical activity for all.

National Recreation Statement

This document was commissioned by the Minister of Recreation from each province and territory. It provides a working definition of recreation, recognizes its importance to individuals and communities and provides the basis of a National Recreation Framework.

Last reviewed/revised: December 13, 2017
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