Organizational Capacity Development

A variety of resource materials are available from various networks that can assist with developing the operations and governance of non-profit organizations. This section contains the related guiding best practices and resources.

Diversity and Inclusion

Embracing diversity, inclusion, and equity as organizational values is a way to make space for positive outcomes to flourish, whether in the non-profit capacity building or public policy spheres.


Financial responsibilities for non-profit organizations are clarified through various resources. Budgets, bookkeeping, and reading financial statements are discussed and a financial management checklist is presented.


Developing a board, sustainability, diversity and additional information to strengthen your organization's board.

Grant Writing Tips

Successful grant-writing involves solid advance planning and preparation.


For organizations keen to advance their missions, and avoid succession setbacks, growing leaders from within is a smart start. But doing so takes focus, resources, and action on the part of non-profit executives, their boards, and their funders.

Non-profit Human Resources

Understanding the challenges of staffing non-profits will help you create the best team possible within budget.


Developing your succession plans, strategic plans, and building collaboration with your staff and board.


These considerations can help you connect with your clients and stakeholders in an environmentally and safe way.

Vital Signs

This program focuses on the measurements of communities and supports action towards improving the qualify of life for Albertans.

Volunteer Recruitment

Recruitment and retention, engagement of volunteers, managing volunteers and Police Information Checks.

Last reviewed/revised: October 31, 2017
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