Active Coordinated System icon of two people giving a high-five.Active Coordinated System

A collaborative effort between government, associations, municipalities and stakeholders.


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  • Ensure funding and resources are allocated by progress of outcomes.
  • Support and share research and best practices for program design and delivery.
  • Establish a mechanism to support interdepartmental and cross-sector network and consultations and report on progress in achieving policy outcomes.
  • Create a workforce strategy for the recreation, active living and sport sector to ensure an adequate supply of appropriately trained people.
  • Develop and promote tourism based recreation, active living and sport opportunities, e.g. ecotourism and adventure tourism.

Key Initiatives

What does success look like in ten years?

  • Governments and their partners:
    • Work together towards shared outcomes in a coordinated and sustainable system.
    • Share research and best practices.
    • Develop measures and report progress collaboratively.
  • The Government of Alberta adopts an integrated approach to wellness, through collaboration among all ministries whose programs and services have an impact on wellness.
  • Recreational demands are assessed on a regional basis within Land-Use Framework Regional Plans and regional approaches to meeting those demands are developed.
  • The sector has an adequate supply of appropriately trained people.
  • More visitors come to Alberta to enjoy active living, recreation and sport activities.
Last reviewed/revised: August 20, 2015
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