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Albertan communities are more active, creative, inclusive and safe.


Children and adults pile snow on a frozen lake.
  • Encourage collaborative planning for facilities and services.
  • Identify and share approaches in communities that capitalize on ethnic diversity, urban and rural distinctiveness and mobilize industry to develop active communities.
  • Encourage local governments to create opportunities and remove barriers to physical activity.
  • Identify and implement best practices in land use and transportation planning to facilitate active transportation, e.g. walking or cycling.
  • Explore opportunities for tourism development around sport event hosting.

Key Initiatives

What does success look like in ten years?

  • Communities are designed and developed to support active living, recreation and sport.
  • Communities benefit from the economic impacts of active living, recreation and sport, including job creation and visitor attraction.
  • More Albertans are using active transportation in their daily lives.
  • Alberta's communities are known to be safe and inclusive.
Last reviewed/revised: November 8, 2016
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