Heritage Resources Management Information System

The Heritage Resources Management Information System (HeRMIS) is a data storage and retrieval system.

Within the HeRMIS website you can access the:

  • Alberta Register of Historic Places
  • Alberta Heritage Survey Program

Alberta Register of Historic Places

The Alberta Register of Historic Places is a list of designated historic resources in Alberta. A historic resource may be a palaeontological, archaeological, prehistoric, historic or natural site, structure or object.

The database is administered through the Alberta Historic Places Designation Program. The program identifies, evaluates and designates Provincial Historic Resources, updates and maintains listings and submits eligible sites for listing on the Canadian Register of Historic Places.

Under the Historical Resources Act, the Minister of Culture and Tourism may designate any historical resource as either a Provincial or a Registered Historic Resource. The Act also empowers municipalities to designate local historic resources as Municipal Historic Resources. Resources which have been designated as Provincial, Registered or Municipal Historic Resources collectively form the Alberta Register of Historic Places.

Alberta Heritage Survey Program

The Alberta Heritage Survey is a collection of information about historic structures in Alberta. Its primary focus is on man-made, above-ground structures that are generally older than 50 years. Some structures such as mines, root cellars and cisterns that occur below ground and are not buried in the same way as archaeological resources, are included.

It is possible for some resources to be listed on both the Alberta Archaeological Sites Inventory and the Alberta Heritage Survey. In addition, some non-manmade designated historic resources that are geological or botanical in nature are included.

The database contains over 100,000 records of non-archaeological historic places within the province. Some information dates back as early as 1971. Most paper records and information have been entered into the system.

You can access the online Alberta Register of Historic Places and Alberta Heritage Survey database on the HeRMIS website.

Last reviewed/revised: January 7, 2016
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