Online Permitting and Clearance

As part of an initiative to streamline services, Alberta Environment and Parks and Alberta Culture and Tourism share an online application system for:

  • Historical Resources Act approvals
  • Permits to undertake archaeological studies or Palaeontological studies
  • Permits to conduct research within Alberta Parks and Protected Areas

Historical Resources Act Approval

Proponents and agents need to consult with Alberta Culture and Tourism prior to the onset of development activities. Project details must be provided to Alberta Culture and Tourism in a Historic Resources Application submitted through the Online Permitting and Clearance (OPaC) system.

Information to assist in using OPaC is available in the User Guide Section listing below.

Archaeological and Palaeontological Permit Processes

Since proclamation of the Alberta Historical Resources Act, all archaeological and palaeontological studies undertaken in Alberta require a valid permit. Section 3 of the Archaeological and Palaeontological Research Permit Regulation outlines the qualifications necessary to hold such permits and the conditions under which studies must take place.

Questions about eligibility to hold archaeological permits should be directed to Darryl Bereziuk, Director, Archaeological Survey.

Questions about eligibility to hold palaeontological permits should be directed to Dan Spivak, Head, Resource Management Section, Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology.

Active archaeologists and palaeontologists have been supplied an OPaC user account through which they can apply for permits. Newly qualified archaeologists must contact Martina Purdon, Head, Regulatory Approvals and Information Management to activate the permit-related features of OPaC. For similar access, newly qualified palaeontologists should contact Dan Spivak, Head, Resource Management Section, Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology.

For more information regarding use of the OPaC system, please contact Martina Purdon, Head Regulatory Approvals and Information Management. 

User Guides


Statements of Justification (SoJ) Guides and Forms

Last reviewed/revised: August 16, 2016
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