Land Use Planning

Alberta Culture and Tourism evaluates and coordinates the review of land-based development proposals that potentially impact historic resources, such as archaeological resources, palaeontological resources, historic sites or structures and Aboriginal traditional use site(s) considered as historic resources under the Historical Resources Act

The Act gives the Minister of Alberta Culture and Tourism the authority for the orderly development, preservation, study, interpretation, and promotion of appreciation for Alberta’s historic resources. The Act provides a means to achieve these goals through a variety of means, including requiring developers to conduct studies on potential impacts of their development on historic resources. These studies ensure appropriate consideration of historic resources during land use planning activities for developments within the Province.

The Act applies to all developments in Alberta on both public and private lands, except land under federal authority. Sections 31, 32 and 37(2) within the Act are important for developers.

Land use planners work closely with areas of expertise within Alberta Culture and Tourism, federal, provincial and municipal approval authorities, and industry to ensure a timely review of development proposals. Comprehensive land use planning guides this process for historic resources.

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Listing of Historic Resources - September 2017

The Listing of Historic Resources is a tool that may assist developers, industry representatives and municipalities in determining if a proposed development might affect historic resources. The Listing identifies lands that contain or have a high potential to contain historic resources, including archaeological sites, palaeontological sites, Aboriginal traditional use sites of a historic resource nature (burials, ceremonial sites, etc.), and/or historic structures. The Listing can provide proponents with advance notification of possible historic resource concerns and may be used as a tool in planning projects.

The Listing does not include all lands that may contain historic resources. When previously unknown historic resources are discovered or high potential areas are identified, their locations are added to the Listing.

Please note that the Listing is not the only tool that is used to determine if a development requires a review by Alberta Culture and Tourism. The Instructions for Use of the Listing will assist in determining which projects require review.

The Listing is issued twice a year, in March and September.

Current Listing

For more information on how to apply for Historical Resources Act approval visit the Online Permitting and Clearance (OPaC) page.

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Land Use Procedures Bulletins

For project types not addressed by a Land Use Procedures Bulletin, please refer to the Instructions for Use of the Listing.

For more information contact the Land Use Planning Section.

Last reviewed/revised: October 17, 2017
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