Alberta Heritage Markers Program

The Alberta Heritage Markers Program promotes awareness of the historic people, places, events, and themes that have defined the character of our province. The program brings Alberta’s dynamic history alive through heritage markers placed at roadside pullouts, within parks, and in other community locales.

Launched in 1955 as part of Alberta’s Golden Jubilee celebrations, the program first told the province’s stories through a series of roadside signs. The program now offers markers ideally suited for placement alongside trails and sidewalks. These new markers will allow us to bring the program to a wider range of locations and explore more aspects of the province’s history. Examples of the current heritage marker design are provided below.

The public plays an important role in the Alberta Heritage Markers Program, and we welcome applications from groups or individuals who want to propose topics and locations for future heritage markers. The proposed topic must be of provincial significance, and preference will be given to subjects such as women’s history, the history of sports and leisure, and Indigenous history, that are currently underrepresented among existing markers.

If the application is successful, Alberta Culture and Tourism staff will develop the interpretive narrative, select images and design the heritage marker. The Alberta Historical Resources Foundation will finance all production and installation costs. The applicant will be consulted throughout the process, and will play a role determining the location and planning the installation of the marker.

Guidelines and application form

Last reviewed/revised: December 4, 2017
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