Report a Find

Archaeological Discoveries

Have you ever found an arrowhead, an interesting stone tool or feature, or a curious bone? Maybe you have found evidence of the next big archaeological discovery in Alberta!

Albertans are proud of their rich heritage. When you report the stones and bones you've discovered, you're providing information that helps preserve Alberta’s historical resources.

Follow the instructions below then contact the Archaeological Survey to report your discovery:

  1. Provide, if possible, .jpg images of the object(s) you found
  2. Show location with GPS coordinates, legal land description, permanent landmark or image of map
  3. Phone number (optional)
  4. Name, organization, institution or corporate affiliation (optional)

Report your Discovery Contact Information

Palaeontological Discoveries

If you think you have found a fossil, report it to the experts at the Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology.

Last reviewed/revised: January 11, 2018
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