Archaeological Research Permit Management System

Archaeological investigations in Alberta require an Archaeological Research Permit under the Historical Resources Act and Archaeological and Palaeontological Research Permit Regulation. The Regulation specifies the qualifications that are required for holding an Archaeological Research Permit. 

Activities typically conducted under a permit involve:

  • Surveying a physical land area, including its subsurface deposits.
  • Controlled excavation to locate and recover archaeological resources.

Activities may be conducted for research purposes or to determine and mitigate the impacts proposed developments.

Conditions of holding a permit include timely submission of:

  • Site data forms
  • Permit reports
  • Artifact collections
  • Field records

All site data is included in the Alberta Archaeological Site Inventory. Reports are archived at the Archaeological Survey, while objects and field records are housed at the Royal Alberta Museum.

For more information contact the Archaeological Survey Section.

Apply for a Permit

It is unlawful to conduct archaeological investigations, surveys or excavations without a valid permit that has been approved by the Director of Archaeological Survey.

Approved researchers can apply for a permit using the Online Permitting and Clearance (OPaC) system.

Survey Notes

Survey Information Bulletins

Requirements for Recording Historic Structures

Spatial Data Standards

Last reviewed/revised: December 15, 2017
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