Aboriginal Heritage

Alberta Culture and Tourism works with Aboriginal communities to help preserve and protect cultural heritage sites.

As part of the Historical Resources Act, consultation with the Aboriginal community or avoidance of a historical resource may be required when a development project could potentially threaten a site.

Historic resource sites that are known to Alberta Culture and Tourism appear on the Listing of Historic Resources. Developers are able to verify if a proposed project will potentially impact a historic resource without revealing the specific location and information about the traditional use site.

Alberta Culture and Tourism also recognizes the benefit of working collaboratively with Aboriginal communities on the promotion and interpretation of Aboriginal cultural heritage and welcomes inquiries from communities that require assistance.

Aboriginal Consultation Office

Under the Government of Alberta's Policy on Consultation with First Nations on Land and Resource Management, 2013, Alberta created the Aboriginal Consultation Office (ACO).

Until the ACO is fully established, applications will continue to be processed under The Government of Alberta's First Nations Consultation Policy on Land Management and Resource Development, 2005 and the 2006 guidelines.

Alberta Culture and Tourism is working with the ACO towards the coordination and management of the consultation process. The ACO will advise, in advance, changes to procedures to First Nations consultation.

For further information visit the Aboriginal Consultation Office website.

Information Bulletin

The Aboriginal Heritage Section prepares information bulletins to direct and update supporters for the delegated procedural aspects of consultation for traditional use sites of an historic resource nature, as needed.

Read the latest Information Bulletin: Update for First Nations Consultation.

For more information contact the Aboriginal Heritage section directly.

Last reviewed/revised: December 15, 2017
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