Research Grants

Research grants support research that produces new understanding or adds to the knowledge base of Alberta's history.

Matching grants are awarded up to 50% of eligible project value, up to $25,000.

Annual Application Deadlines

  • First working day of February (funding decision released in June or July)
  • First working day of September (funding decision released in December or January)

Guidelines and Application Form

Eligible Projects

Eligible research projects should include:
  • Research on Alberta heritage topics
  • Oral history projects
  • Building surveys and inventories
  • heritage management plans

Eligible expenses include those that are directly associated with research activities, such as:
  • Researching, writing and editing of manuscript
  • Researcher’s travel expenses
  • Materials/supplies

Application Requirements

The application must include the Research Grant Application Form, a research plan and project budget. For a complete list of application requirements, refer to the application form.


Applications are assessed using a number of factors including:
  • Project approach and strategy
  • Experience/qualifications of the project proponents
  • Project budget

The quality of the research plan is an important consideration and includes:
  • Research methods
  • Sources of primary and secondary information
  • Archival repositories to be consulted
  • Table of contents
  • Historical argument to be addressed
  • Project feasibility
  • Planning
  • Budget

The level of funding will further be determined based on the grant program’s budget, the project’s individual merit and in comparison with the other projects.

Grant Payment and Reporting Requirements

Grants are paid by submitting full or partial claims. To make a claim, grant recipients are asked to submit progress reports, the Record of Cash Expenditures Form along with invoices/or receipts of research expenses.

The final claim will include a final report and project deliverables such as the final manuscript.

For more information contact Carina Naranjilla, Program Coordinator, Alberta Historical Resources Foundation.

Last reviewed/revised: January 20, 2017
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