Publications Grants

Publication grants support the publication of books and other documents that preserve, interpret, promote awareness, produce new understanding or add to the knowledge base of Alberta’s history.

Matching grants are awarded up to 50% of eligible project value, up to $10,000 for books and $3,000 for brochures and pamphlets.

Annual Application Deadlines

  • First working day of February (funding decision released in June or July)
  • First working day of September (funding decision released in December or January)

Guidelines and Application Form

Eligible Projects

Eligible publications include books, non-promotional brochures and pamphlets and walking tour booklets. Online publications may also be considered.

Ineligible Projects and Expenses

  • Printers cannot apply
  • Personal family histories
  • Reprinting of publication already funded by the Foundation
  • Preparing, compiling or producing the manuscript
  • Researching, writing, marketing or distributing the publication

Application Requirements

The application must include a Publication Grant Application Form with a project plan, project budget, copy of the completed manuscript and associated quotes from printer/publisher.

For brochures/pamphlets the text with layout and photographs must be submitted with the application. For a complete list of application requirements, refer to the application form.


Applications are assessed using a number of factors including:
  • Project approach and strategy
  • Experience/qualifications of the project proponents
  • Project budget

The publication must have substantial Alberta heritage content and will be assessed for its research interest and value, quality of composition and potential distribution and audience.

The level of funding will be further determined based on the grant program’s budget, the project’s individual merit and in comparison with the other projects.

Grant Payments and Reporting Requirements

To claim approved grants, grant recipients must submit a final report on the project outcomes, a copy of the publication along with invoices/receipts of eligible expenses.

For more information contact Carina Naranjilla, Program Coordinator, Alberta Historical Resources Foundation.

Last reviewed/revised: January 20, 2017
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