Historic Resource Conservation Grants

Historic Resource Conservation grants provide funding for:
  • Conservation of Alberta's historic places
  • Conservation studies and professional services

Matching grants are awarded up to 50% of eligible costs.

Annual Application Deadlines

  • First working day of February (funding decision released in June or July)
  • First working day of September (funding decision released in December or January)

Guidelines and Application Form

Conservation Work

Conservation includes actions or processes that safeguard character-defining elements of a historic place to retain the heritage value and extend physical life. This may involve one or more conservation treatments—preservation, rehabilitation or restoration.

Maximum Grants

The maximum matching grants per application per year are as follows:
  • Provincial Historic Resources – $100,000
  • Municipal Historic Resources – $50,000
  • Indigenous historic places that cannot be designated as Provincial or Municipal Historic but supported with a Band Council Resolution - $50,000
  • Local Historic Resources or Registered Historic Resources that have not received any funding from the Foundation – one-time grant of $5,000

Registered Historic Resources and Local Historic Resources are the least priority for funding.

Studies and Professional Services

A matching of grant of $25,000 is available for studies, reports, plans and professional services for architects, engineers and other professional consultants associated with the conservation of a historic place.

Non-designated Cemeteries and Burial Grounds

Non-designated cemeteries or burial grounds may qualify for a one-time matching grant for conservation work, studies and professional services of up to $5,000 if:
  • The site is associated with a significant historic event or theme. This could include cemeteries or burial grounds associated with residential schools, former settlements, or epidemic outbreaks.
  • The site contains the graves of historically significant individuals.
  • The site contains distinctive historic landscapes or grave architecture. Distinctive features could include spirit houses or cairns.
  • The site demonstrates culturally distinctive mortuary or burial practices.

Eligible work includes the following:
  • Studies undertaken to confirm the presence of graves in a particular location
  • Site surveying, including mapping and marking
  • Grave architecture restoration, including features like spirit houses and cairns
  • Restoration of historic fencing, gates and signage
  • Sympathetic modern fencing to protect historic portion of cemeteries

Ineligible work includes regular maintenance and site beautification.

Application Requirements

The application must include the Historic Resource Conservation Grant Application Form, contractor's estimates for proposed work and project budget. For a complete list of application requirements, refer to the application form.

Completed work must comply with the Standards and Guidelines for the Conservation of Historic Places in Canada and approved by a Heritage Conservation Adviser.

Consult with a Heritage Conservation Adviser or Program Coordinator at the outset of a project to ensure eligibility and compliance with the Standard and Guidelines of Historic Places in Canada.

To determine the Heritage Conservation Adviser for your area, contact Carina Naranjilla, Program Coordinator, Alberta Historical Resources Foundation.


Funding is determined based on a number of factors including but not limited to:
  • The size or scale of the historic place
  • Scope of the project
  • Conservation priorities
  • Grant program's budget

Funding Agreement and Grant Payments

Grant recipients will be asked to sign a Grant Funding Agreement. Grants are paid by submitting full or partial claims.

To make a claim, grant recipients must submit the following forms and, if applicable, invoices/or receipts of conservation expenses.

Work will be inspected by the Heritage Conservation Adviser.

For more information contact Carina Naranjilla, Program Coordinator, Alberta Historical Resources Foundation.

Last reviewed/revised: March 16, 2017
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