The Francophone Secretariat provides funding through the Canada-Alberta Agreement - a federal/provincial cooperation agreement - which is intended to provide seed-funding to support capacity and foster collaboration in the delivery of services and resources in French by Alberta entities.

Supported projects provide a direct service to French-speaking Albertans and are responsive to Alberta government priorities as well as community needs and challenges.

Building capacity for the delivery of services in French:

  • By informing French-speaking Albertans on government services, programs and resources
  • By raising awareness and encouraging the preservation and promotion of francophone heritage
  • By assisting francophone organizations in obtaining and putting in place appropriate resources for delivering services on behalf of the provincial government (including governance training, feasibility studies)

Delivering services in French:

  • By funding project-based service delivery initiatives on behalf of government in priority sectors (see guidelines)
  • By funding translations into French of key Government of Alberta resources and materials

The Agreement is intended to provide funding up to 50 per cent of a project-based budget to the following:

  • Government of Alberta ministries and agencies
  • Alberta municipalities, local governments and their agencies
  • Alberta non-profit organizations

Grant Applications

  • The 2018-19 grant application template is currently under review and will be provided to interested applicants who have submitted an Intent to Apply form by the application deadline. Deadline: February 9, 2018 to submit an Intent to Apply form.
  • Refer to the Application Guidelines for more details.

Prior to submitting an application, please email the Francophone Secretariat or call 780-415-3348 to obtain an Intention to Apply form.

Grant funding recipients:

In addition to Francophone Secretariat funding, non-profit organizations in Alberta have access to other programs to support project and operating costs including:

Last reviewed/revised: December 22, 2017
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