Developing Leadership Capabilities

Leadership is thinking about the big picture. It leads to motivating other people in a wise way and making effective decisions based on an acute awareness of community needs.

The Community Development facilitators can assist your organization in building a culture of leadership by providing personalized workshops focused on:

  • Team building
  • Facilitating conversations regarding leadership
  • Clarifying roles and responsibilities
  • Effective planning
  • Coaching services

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Check out the Knowledge Connector A.S.K. leadership assessment to help you identify where and how you want to develop as a leader. You can also search for leadership learning opportunities by topic or region.

Also helpful is the Developing Emerging Leaders, which approaches leadership development through an organizational lens.

Contact a Facilitator

Email the Community Development facilitators to discuss how they can support you and your team.

Last reviewed/revised: July 20, 2015
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