Collaboration & Partnerships

In today's world many issues are complex and influenced by many different factors. Large numbers of people have a stake and change can have far-reaching consequences.

Working with other individuals, organizations and communities is key to successfully handling challenges. You need to address the challenge in a meaningful way by seeking a variety of expertise, experiences, resources and relationships.

Community Development facilitators can support you and your collaborative team in exploring, building and strengthening methods and processes for working effectively together.

A wordle of the Alberta Community Development facilitators' ideas about what engagement means.

Related Links

The Community Development Unit in partnership with Alberta Education and the University of Alberta through the Early Childhood Mapping (ECMap) Project has created a number of resources to support the success of coalitions in Alberta including:

Learn more about complexity science from Brenda Zimmerman, who was a Professor of Policy/Strategic Management at the Schulich School of Business at York University.

For information on the differences between complex and complicated issues, download Brenda Zimmerman's Engaging in System Change Presentation.

Contact a Facilitator

Email the Community Development facilitators to discuss how they can support you and your team.

Last reviewed/revised: November 30, 2017
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