The Board Development Program and the Muttart Foundation produced a series of workbooks.

NOTE: Workbooks are reviewed frequently and the latest edited versions including the Index feature are posted.

Developing Job Descriptions

This workbook will help you:

  • Write effective and comprehensive job descriptions for every member of your board.
  • Clarify roles and responsibilities so that your volunteer board works effectively and efficiently.
  • Include suggestions for executive positions, committee chairpersons and general board member duties.

Download the Developing Job Descriptions for Board Members of Non-profit Organizations workbook.

Drafting and Revising Bylaws

Use this workbook to:

  • Navigate the challenging world of organizational bylaws.
  • Translate legalese to everyday language; this step-by-step approach makes developing or revising by-laws easier than you ever thought.
  • Learn about incorporating as a non-profit society in Alberta.

Download the Drafting and Revising Bylaws workbook.

Board Building: Recruiting and Developing Effective Board Members

You can learn how to:

  • Recruit and develop skilled and committed leaders for your non-profit organization.
  • Consider board member responsibilities, expectations and motivation.
  • Target volunteers with appropriate qualities and learn more about retaining them through effective orientation, training, recognition and evaluation.

Download the Board Building: Recruiting and Developing Effective Board Members for Nonprofit Organizations workbook.

Hiring and Performance Appraisal of the Executive Director

Hiring or conducting performance appraisals for an Executive Director for non-profit organizations can be tough. Many competent and effective boards approach these jobs with fear. The choice of an Executive Director has far-reaching results for effectiveness, viability and the future of an organization. It is important to select the right person.

Solid performance management is essential for achieving goals set by the board. This workbook is designed as a guide for board directors who are in the process of hiring a new Executive Director and/or providing a performance appraisal.

Download the Hiring and Performance Appraisal of the Executive Director workbook.

Financial Responsibilities

A guide through the maze of financial management, this workbook transforms a confusing list of numbers into helpful information.

The financial responsibilities of a non-profit organization are clarified. Budgets, bookkeeping and reading financial statements are discussed and a financial management checklist is presented.

Download the Financial Responsibilities of Non-profit Boards workbook.

Last reviewed/revised: October 26, 2017
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