Information Bulletins

The Board Development Program publishes information bulletins on a variety of board-related issues. Each bulletin covers special areas that are relevant to non-profit board members and senior staff looking for information about improving skills and gaining knowledge in governance.

NOTE: The information provided, including contact names and number, is reviewed and maintained regularly for accuracy.


  • Promoting awareness and understanding of a cause
  • Change public opinion
  • Change people's perceptions or understanding of an issue
  • Board members are important advocates for their organization

Download the Advocacy - Information Bulletin.

Budgeting for Non-profit Boards

  • Help for an organization to set priorities and assist in control expenditures and forecast sources and timing of revenues
  • Although there may be one or more persons in the organization who prepares the budget, all board members are equally responsible for management of the group's finances

Download the Budgeting for Non-profit Boards - Information Bulletin.

Building Better Boards

  • Recruiting appropriate volunteers to serve on your board
  • Keeping board members motivated and satisfied with their experience

Download the Building Better Boards - Information Bulletin.

Building Board Diversity

  • Boards represent the communities they serve and should reflect the diversity found in the community
  • Find steps and techniques that can assist boards with the process of diversification

Download the Building Board Diversity - Information Bulletin.


  • Boards organize and complete work efficiently through the effective use of committees
  • Material on committee reporting, terms of reference and levels of authority

Download the Committee - Information Bulletin.

Developing Policy

  • All governing boards are responsible for policy development
  • Information on the key areas of policy development
  • The process to follow in developing effective policy

Download the Developing Policy - Information Bulletin.

Effective Organizations Call For Effective Chairs

  • Explore the role of the Board Chair
  • Establish and maintain an environment that encourages people to participate in board meetings and throughout the organization

Download the Effective Organizations Call for Effective Chairs - Information Bulletin.

Evaluating your Executive Director's Performance

  • Evaluate the performance of the Executive Director
  • Evaluate regularly and in a planned and thoughtful manner
  • Material includes guidelines for implementing that process

Download the Evaluating Your Executive Director's Performance - Information Bulletin.

Financial Responsibilities of Non-profit Boards

  • Management of an organization's finances is one of the least understood, yet most important responsibilities of a board member
  • The board carries the responsibility for funds entrusted to it and each individual board member shares in this responsibility

Download the Financial Responsibilities of Non-profit Boards - Information Bulletin.

Hiring the Right Executive Director

  • The Executive Director plays a role in your organization's overall success or failure
  • Understand the needs of your organization and the various steps in hiring an Executive Director for a good match for all

Download the Hiring the Right Executive Director for your Organization: One Size Does Not Fit All - Information Bulletin.

Maximize Your Time and Efforts

  • Ways your organization can pool time and talent to maximize effectiveness in meeting community needs

Download the Maximize Your Time and Efforts–Collaborate! Information Bulletin.

Meetings that Work

  • Effective and efficient meetings require planning and effort to stay on track
  • Material covers what you need to know to get the most out of your meetings

Download the Meetings that Work - Information Bulletin.

Roles and Responsibilities of Non-profit Boards

  • A clear picture of what the board does and the responsibilities of being a board member

Download the Roles & Responsibilities of Non-profit Boards - Information Bulletin.

So You Want to be a Board Member

  • Being a board member can change your life and your community for the better
  • Material will help you make an informed decision about joining a board

Download the So You Want to be a Board Member - Information Bulletin.

Strategic Planning and Governance

  • Strategic planning increases the organization's ability to expect and respond to changing political, economic and social conditions
  • Information to get started on the strategic planning process

Download the Strategic Planning and Governance - Information Bulletin.

Sustaining Healthy Boards

  • Behind an effective nonprofit organization is a healthy board with an understanding of what it takes to lead in challenging times
  • What makes a healthy board, how it can stay strong and dynamic and how it will deal with difficult challenges

Download the Sustaining Healthy Boards - Information Bulletin.

The Board's Role in Fund Development

  • Successful fundraising is a team sport that involves leadership and competent, professional staff working together

Download the Board's Role in Fund Development Information Bulletin.

Understanding Financial Statements

  • All board members need to be able to read and understand the financial statement of their organization
  • Simple explanations to make this task easier

Download the Understanding Financial Statements - Information Bulletin.

Where, Oh Where Did Our Membership Go?

  • Membership may be considered a source of income, a source of volunteer workers or a source of help for community advocacy
  • Seven steps to help you recruit and retain members

Download the Where, Oh Where Did Our Membership Go? Information Bulletin.

Writing a Grant Proposal

  • Preparing a grant application
  • A step-by-step outline to target important information and develop more productive relationships with your funders

Download the Writing a Grant Proposal - Information Bulletin.


You can reprint any of the articles in the information bulletins and please:

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  • Send us a copy of the publication that the article(s) is reprinted in

The Board Development Program reserves the right to deny reprinting privileges.

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