The Board Development Program has many print-and web-based resources for governance issues relevant to non-profit boards.

Information Bulletins

Information Bulletins are professionally produced by the board development program staff and various expert consultants. Topics are based on client experience in working with non-profit boards

Bulletins cover topics relevant to non-profit board members or senior staff seeking to improve skills and gain knowledge in governance. Information provided in each bulletin, including contact names and numbers, are reviewed regularly for accuracy and relevance.


Professionally produced and copyrighted in co-operation with the Muttart Foundation, workbooks are on specific topics of governance issues for non-profit boards.

Roles and Responsibilities Online Course

The Board Roles and Responsibilities online course, is offered in partnership with the Alberta Library Trustees Association. This course is designed to help non-profit board members enhance their effectiveness at the board level.

Last reviewed/revised: October 26, 2017
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