Community Grants Frequently Asked Questions

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    What changes have been made to the Community Grants programs funding streams? Effective for the December 15, 2016, intake:
    • Within the Community Facility Enhancement Program (CFEP) two new grant streams have been established:
      • CFEP Large funding stream to support capital requests up to $1 million.
      • CFEP Small funding stream provides a maximum of $125,000 in project support. An organization may be considered for up to $10,000 in the CFEP Small funding stream without providing matching funding if the organization can demonstrate:
        • Financial hardship;
        • Existing funds are restricted for other uses;
        • Extra-ordinary circumstances limits the ability to secure matching funding, labour, materials and equipment; and
        • There is an immediate need for the project to be undertaken.
    • Within the Community Initiatives Program (CIP), a new Major Cultural and Sport Events (MCSE) funding stream has been established.
      • MCSE is intended to support nationally and internationally sanctioned events with significant community benefit such as a positive impact on local business and aiding in tourism growth.
      • A maximum grant of $250,000 will be available to eligible applicants.
      • Nonprofits will continue to have access to a maximum of $75,000 in funding for smaller, community-based events and activities through the CIP Project-based grant stream.
    • Annual funding for the International Development Program grant stream of CIP has been increased from $685,000 to $1.5 million.
      • The maximum grant amount available to eligible Alberta-based nonprofits remains unchanged at $25,000.
      • The increase is intended to address funding gaps within a program that has demonstrated strong support from Albertans.
    • Other grant process changes include:
    • Deadlines have moved from a quarterly to tri-cycle intake to help better manage the volume of requests.
    • Notification timelines will be provided to grant applicants for planning purposes and will vary depending on funding stream.
    • Reporting requirements will vary depending on the funding stream your grant was received.
    • Appeals on funding decisions will no longer be accepted; all decisions are final.
    • Matching will be maintained at the 50 per cent matching funds requirement. Donation values have increased:
      • $20/hour for unskilled labour;
      • $35/hour for skilled labour, and;
      • $70/hour for heavy equipment with operator.
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    What has prompted the changes to the Community Grant programs?
    A comprehensive internal review of the Community Grants programs was conducted to identify strengths and opportunities to improve the way the Alberta government’s funding is administered.

    These changes will help to better meet the needs of the sector by addressing funding gaps and bring greater clarity and transparency to our application and decision-making process.

    Implementing the new changes for the December 15 application date will allow applicants to fully benefit from the positive changes, such as increased hourly rates for donated labour.
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    Will the Alberta government be providing more money for the new and existing grant streams?
    Existing resources within the CFEP and CIP budgets will be reallocated to fund the new grant streams. The changes will help to ensure that available resources are managed in an effective and equitable manner.
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    What are the deadlines for applying?
    • In order to better manage the high volume of funding requests, deadlines will move from a quarterly to a tri-cycle intake.
      • To allow for a smooth transition from the quarterly to tri-cycle application deadlines, new application dates will be phased in through 2016-17 and 2017-18 before the full implementation in 2018-19.
      • The updated deadlines are intended to better align with stakeholder needs and program administrative processes.

      Transition 2016-17 and 2017-18 Schedule:

      Community Facility Enhancement Program (CFEP) and Community Initiatives Program (CIP)

      Grant Program Intake/deadline
      CIP Operating
      CIP International Development
      CFEP Small Funding Stream

      *Transitioning from four intakes to three intakes per year: May, September and January
      December 15, 2016
      March 15,2017
      June 15, 2017
      September 15, 2017
      January 15, 2018
      CFEP Large Funding Stream
      *Transitioning to one intake per year: October
      2016-17 Deadline: January 15, 2017
      October 2017
      CIP Major Cultural and Sport Events
      *Transitioning to two intakes per year: April and October
      2016-17 Deadline: January 15, 2017
      April 1, 2017
      October 1, 2017

      Full implementation 2018-19

      Grant Program Intake/deadline
      CIP Operating
      CIP International Development
      CFEP Small Funding Stream

      *Three intakes per year.
      May 15, 2018
      September 15, 2018
      January 15, 2019
      CFEP Large Funding Stream
      *One intake per year.
      October 1, 2018
      CIP Major Cultural and Sport Events
      *Two intakes per year.
      April 1, 2018
      October 1, 2018
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    Will old applications be accepted?
    Old CFEP applications will be accepted for the December 15, 2016, deadline. Organizations that have not submitted their application for the December 15 deadline and are planning to, are encouraged to submit the application on the new application form. Organizations may be requested to submit additional information to align with the new program guidelines.

    Only new application forms will be accepted for CFEP Large and CFEP Small Funding Streams once the December 15 deadline has passed. Applicants requesting funding through the Community Initiatives Program Major Cultural and Sport Events Stream will be required to submit their request on the new application

    CIP application forms have not changed.

    Applications are available online at or applicants can contact the Community Grants office at 1-800-642-3855.
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    When will I hear the results of my application?
    Written notification will be sent out to organizations approximately six months following the application deadline.
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    Have there been changes to the matching funds component of the grant program?
    • Nonprofit organizations will continue to be required to provide a matching component equal to the amount of the funding requested.
      • In order to better reflect current industry rates, the values of in-kind donations in lieu of cash for the matching component have increased:
        • $20 per hour for unskilled labour;
        • $35 per hour for skilled labour and;
        • $70 per hour for heavy equipment with operator.
    • Within the CFEP Small funding stream, an organization may be considered for up to $10,000 in CFEP Small funding without providing matching funding if the organization can demonstrate financial hardship or that the project is of an urgent nature. Organizations should contact Community Grants staff to discuss their particular needs. Please visit the Community Grants webpage for contact information.
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    When will the new matching rates take effect?
    • The new donation rates are effective for the December 15, 2016 application deadline.
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    Is my current application affected by the new program changes?
    • Program guideline deadline changes are applicable for those grant applications received for the December 15, 2016, deadline. Applications received for the previous deadlines (June 15 and September 15, 2016) requesting $125,000 or less will be assessed within the prior program parameters.
    • If you have submitted an application for an amount greater than $125,000, your application will be moved for consideration under the CFEP Large Funding Stream.
    • CIP application forms have not changed.
    • Should you have any questions, please contact the Community Grants Office at 1.800.642.3855.
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    Can I appeal a grant decision?
    Due to the large volume of grant requests received, and for consistency with other Government of Alberta grant programs, appeals regarding funding decisions will not be accepted. All funding decisions are final.

    If a funding request is declined, organizations that have not started their project may apply for the next deadline.
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    How do I download the application form?
    For optimal compatibility when saving grant applications with fillable form fields, please use Adobe Reader v10 or higher. To save your form, please select 'Save As' from the file menu and save the form to your computer. Should you have any questions, please contact the Community Grants Office at 1.800.642.3855.
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    How do I submit?
    There are two ways to submit your application and supporting documentation:
    • Electronically to: You will receive a confirmation email response upon submission.
    • Mail or Drop Off your application to:
      Community Grants Programs
      Suite 212, 17205 – 106A Avenue
      Edmonton, AB T5S 1M7
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    Are there other grants to support the nonprofit organizations?
    More information on funding sources is available on the Financial Assistance Summary located in the Resources and Links on the Alberta Culture and Tourism website at:

    Applicants are encouraged to explore federal, provincial, municipal programs and foundations for other funding opportunities available to nonprofit organizations.
Last reviewed/revised: March 6, 2017
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