CIP Operating Grant FAQ's

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    What has changed for the Community Initiatives Program (CIP) Operating Grant Stream?
    Effective for the September 15th deadline, changes to the CIP Operating Grant Stream, include:
    • The CIP Operating Grant Stream will support core operations and capacity building for non-profit organizations whose mission, outcomes and activities align with three priority areas:
      • Enhancing the quality of life of Albertans by providing direct programs and services that address social issues.
      • Creating equitable access to human, social and economic resources and services for all Albertans.
      • Supporting community collaborations, involving multiple organizations, to address broader human or social issues.
    • Non-profit organizations can apply for Core operating funding to a maximum of $60,000. Funding is provided on a matching basis.
    • A new Organizational Development funding component of up to $15,000 is available on a non-matching basis for organizations that meet Core operating criteria.
    • Applications to the CIP Operating grant stream from organizations with operating budgets in excess of $2 million will be considered a lower priority.
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    Why has the CIP Operating grant changed?
    A comprehensive internal review of the Community Grants programs was conducted to identify strengths and opportunities to improve the way the Alberta government’s funding is administered.
    • Changes have been introduced to help to better meet the needs of the sector by addressing funding gaps and bringing greater clarity and transparency to the application and decision-making process.
    • A focus on small to medium organizations addressing social issues was identified as a gap in the review.
    • Clarity around funding priorities improves transparency.
    • Given the finite nature of funding, eligible organizations with an operating budget of less than $2 million will be given priority.
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    How much can I apply for under CIP Operating?
    The maximum grant that can be applied for is $75,000 made up of two components:
    • Core operating costs to a maximum of $60,000 on a matching basis.
    • Organizational Development Funding to a maximum of $15,000, on a non-matching basis, is available to organizations that meet the criteria for Core operating.
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    What is the matching requirement for CIP-Operating?
    Organizations must demonstrate recent community fundraising matching equal to or greater than the amount requested.
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    Who can sign the embedded grant agreement in the CIP Operating application?
    We ask that the Board President or Chair sign the grant agreement.
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    How often can I apply for CIP Operating?
    Organizations can be approved for CIP Operating funding once every three years.
    • If you are approved, you cannot apply again for three years, from the date of approval.
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    Do I need to submit all of the assessment tool forms to apply for Organizational Development Funding?
    When submitting an application on behalf of a single non-profit organization, please submit the Organizational Capacity Assessment Tool with the application. When the submission is on behalf of a community collaborative, please submit the Collaborative Capacity Assessment Tool with the application.
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    Can you review my application before I send it in?
    No, we are not able to review applications before the application deadlines. We do, however, allow potential applicants to call staff on any questions related to the application prior to the application deadline.
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    Will you accept the old CIP application forms?
    All organizations are encouraged to submit their funding request on the new application form. If the organization has submitted the request on an old application form, program staff will contact the organization to acquire the needed information.
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    I cannot open the application. How can I access it or can you send me a copy?
    Please follow the PDF Download Tips on our website to open the application. Before trying to open the application, right click on the link and save to your hard drive. Then open the application from your hard drive. If you are still having difficulty opening the application, we can send you one. You can send in the attachments within ten days after you have sent in the application. Also, you can scan and email the attachments with your application or mail them to our office.
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    If I only get partial funding, what can I spend the funds on?
    If you receive partial funding, spend the funds on your top priorities requested in the budget under Core and Organizational Development funding. Alternatively, organizations that receive partial funding can reduce the funding timeline. If you wish to change timeline or scope, please refer to section 8.2 and 8.3 in the CIP Operating guidelines.
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    Why are organizations with budgets in excess of $2 million now a lower priority for CIP Operating support?
    Given the finite nature of funding, eligible community-based organizations with less access to resources will be given priority.
Last reviewed/revised: October 26, 2017
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