Community Initiatives Program - Major Cultural and Sports Events Frequently Asked Questions

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    Who can apply to CIP MCSE?
    Community non-profit organizations that are registered under one of the Acts outlined in the CIP MCSE Program Guidelines are eligible to apply. Organizations must have an Alberta—based address which must be regularly monitored by an active member of the organization.
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    How does CIP MCSE differ than CIP Project-Based?
    CIP Project-Based provides financial assistance for community organizations for locally identified community initiatives to a maximum of $75,000. CIP MCSE provides a funding avenue for major sanctioned national and international cultural and sport event requests to a maximum of $250,000.
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    Are additional dollars being provided to fund CIP MCSE?
    The CIP MCSE funding stream will be funded through existing resources within the CIP. By reallocating these existing resources, the program will better address funding gaps to meet the priority needs of non-profit organizations more effectively while supporting major sanctioned national and international cultural and sporting events which provide significant cultural, social and economic benefits to host communities.
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    What is the minimum and maximum funding request available through MCSE?
    There is no minimum funding request, however, the maximum amount of funding received through CIP MCSE is $250,000. Organizations may request additional funding over the $250,000 through other Culture and Tourism funding programs.
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    Can capital costs be included in CIP MCSE grant request?
    Capital expenses are not eligible through CIP MCSE. Applicants are encouraged to contact program staff to discuss other funding opportunities.
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    Can I apply to CIP MCSE and apply to other programs offered by Alberta Sport Connection or Tourism?
    CIP MCSE is intended to streamline the application process for applicants who are requesting funding assistance from Culture and Tourism. Applicants who previously requested support from multiple areas within the ministry will only need to submit one request to the ministry for funding assistance. Funding applications can be received through Alberta Sport Connection, CIP MCSE, Tourism Division or Alberta Foundation for the Arts. Should you have any questions, please contact the Community Grants Office at 1-800-642-3855.
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    What are the timelines?
    There is a transition process during 2016-17 and 2017-18 before the full implementation in 2018-19. We have customized the application deadlines to align with the program’s stakeholders’ needs and program administrative processes.
    CIP Major Cultural and Sport Events

    *Two intakes per year
    • April 1
    • October 1
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    How often can I apply to CIP MCSE?
    Applicants may request funding for multiple events in each fiscal year. Each event must be submitted on a separate application form.
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    Why are only sanctioned events eligible for CIP MCSE consideration?
    Sanctioned events are those that have been awarded/approved by the legally recognized governing body that is responsible for administering the event. The sport must be part of a national or international major multi-sport games program in order to be eligible.

    Non-sanctioned events can apply for grant support through the Community Initiatives Program Project-Based funding stream.
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    Are there non-sporting events that would be considered under CIP MCSE?
    Yes, major cultural events such as the Junos and Canadian Country Music Awards are eligible for funding.
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    Can I apply for an event outside Alberta?
    To be eligible for funding, events must be held in Alberta.
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    What other funding opportunities are available?
    More information on funding sources is available at Resources and Links - Financial Assistance Summary - on the Alberta Culture and Tourism website.

    Applicants are encouraged to explore federal, provincial, municipal programs and foundations for other funding opportunities available to non-profit organizations.
Last reviewed/revised: June 20, 2017
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