Major Cultural and Sport Events

The Major Cultural and Sport Events Hosting stream (MCSE) builds on Alberta’s reputation as an attractive destination and proven capacity for hosting a range of national and international calibre cultural and sport events.

The purpose of the program is to streamline processes and maximize limited funding for organizations applying through multiple sources within Alberta Culture and Tourism.

Major Cultural and Sport Event Hosting stream will consider the following type of events:

  • Sport - The focus is on national or international amateur sport events recognized by national sport organizations or international federations. This could include national and world championships and world cup events.
  • Cultural - The focus is on national or international cultural events that are recognized by the respective governing body.

Program Overview

Program Overview Major Cultural & Sport Events
Stream Priority Supports major sanctioned national and international events
Funding Range Maximum $250,000 can be requested through CIP MCSE stream Additional funding may be requested
Application Package CIP MCSE Guidelines
CIP MCSE Application Form
Project Budget Template
Application Deadlines

**See Transition Table for 2016-17 and 2017-18 timelines
April 1 and October 1
Notification Timelines July and January
Grant Agreement Formal grant agreement upon approval
Project Completion and Financial Reporting Timeframe 18 months from date of the grant agreement

Organizations requesting funding from Major Cultural and Sport Events as well as from other sources within Alberta Culture and Tourism - Alberta Sport Connection, Alberta Tourism and Alberta Foundation for the Arts - should submit a single application with the total requested amount. Submissions will be reviewed and considered collaboratively within the ministry and successful applicants will receive a single grant cheque.

An organization may only submit one application for a non-capital project per year through CIP. Organizations should apply under the specific program stream that is best suited for their project.

CIP MCSE - Frequently Asked Questions

Please see Major Cultural & Sport Events frequently asked questions for more information.


Eligible Organizations

The following organizations and community nonprofit organizations who are registered (and in good standing) under one of the following Acts are eligible to apply for funding under the CIP.

Provincial Legislation
  • Agriculture Societies Act
  • Part 21 of the Business Corporations Act - Extra-Provincial Corporations*
  • Companies Act, Part 9 (Nonprofit Companies)
  • Societies Act of Alberta
  • Special Act of the Alberta Legislature

Federal Legislation
  • Special Act of the Parliament of Canada*
  • Canada Not-For-Profit Corporations Act and must be registered in Alberta Under the Business Corporation Act
  • Income Tax Act (of Canada and operating in the Province of Alberta [Charities])*

  • First Nations and Métis Settlements
  • Foundations established and regulated under the province's Regional Health Authorities Act
  • Universities, colleges and institutes as defined under Alberta's Post-secondary Learning Act

* Must have an Alberta based address which must be regularly monitored by an active member of the organization.

Last reviewed/revised: February 2, 2017
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