Community Initiatives Program – International Development Program (IDP) Frequently Asked Questions

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    Why was there an increase to the IDP budget?
    In 2013-14, the International Development Program budget was reduced by $500,000 when many government departments faced significant budget cuts.
    • As a result of this reduction, organizations were receiving on average half of their grant request.
      • This increase brings the Program back to previous funding levels by reallocating funds within our existing grant programs – no
      • new government dollars were provided.
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    Given the current economic situation, was now the right time to increase the IDP budget?
    The needs of Albertans will always be the priority of our government and we are committed to supporting Albertans who have been impacted by low oil prices - to meet their needs and to find and keep good jobs. We also have a humanitarian obligation to help those who are facing terrible circumstances and don’t enjoy the freedom and security we have here in Alberta.
    • To contextualize, $1.5 million for international development represents 0.0029 percent of the Government of Alberta’s 2016-17 budget.
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    When does the budget increase take effect?
    The budget increase took effect on April 1, 2016, so organizations may already have seen some increased funding to this grant stream. No new government dollars were provided to Community Grants programs.
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    Have the guidelines for the IDP changed?
    Not at this time.
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    How long has the Alberta government been providing grants for the IDP?
    For 43 years, the Alberta government has supported the efforts of Albertans and Alberta organizations engaged in international humanitarian projects.
    • Albertans have always shown a genuine concern toward the needs of those less fortunate than us; and it is perhaps the clearest international expression of the values that bind Albertans together – respect for human rights, concern for the well-being of others and the tolerance and acceptance of diversity.
      • In 2015-16, Albertans donated more than $7.7 million to Alberta organizations that applied through Community Initiatives Program (CIP) International to support their project overseas. In this same year, for every dollar of funding received from Community Initiatives Program (CIP) International, Albertans donated $11.
Last reviewed/revised: March 6, 2017
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