Community Facility Enhancement Program Frequently Asked Questions

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    What changes have been made to the Community Facility Enhancement Program (CFEP)?

    CFEP changes will take effect for the December 15, 2016, application deadline.
    In order to address capital funding gaps and bring greater clarity and transparency to the program, CFEP has moved to two clear funding streams:

    • CFEP Small Funding stream for projects requesting up to $125,000.
    • CFEP Large Funding stream for projects requesting over $125,001 and up to $1 million. Requests over $1 million will be forwarded to Government of Alberta capital planning process for consideration.

    CFEP Small Funding stream will allow an organization to be considered for up to $10,000 non-matching funding if the organization can demonstrate:

    • Financial hardship—e.g., loss of a major funding sponsor.
    • Existing funds are restricted for other uses other than ongoing regular capital projects.
    • Extra-ordinary circumstances limits the ability to secure matching funding, labour, materials and equipment.
    • Immediate need for the project to be undertaken.

    Other grant process changes include:

    • Deadlines have moved from a quarterly to tri-cycle intake to help better manage the volume of requests.
    • Notification timelines will be provided to grant applicants for planning purposes and timeliness will vary depending on funding stream.
    • Reporting requirements will vary depending on the funding stream your grant was received from.
    • Appeal on funding decisions will no longer be accepted. All decisions are final.
    • Matching requirements will be maintained at 50 per cent but the donation values have increased to:
      • $20/hour for unskilled labour.
      • $35/hour for skilled labour.
      • $70/hour for heavy equipment with operator.

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    Has there been an increase in the CFEP budget as a result of the changes?
    The CFEP Small Funding Stream and CFEP Large Funding Stream will be funded by existing resources. By reallocating these resources, we will be able to address funding gaps to meet the priority needs of community-based organization more effectively. In 2016-17, the CFEP budget is $38 million.
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    Can I apply to both CFEP Large Funding stream and CFEP Small Funding stream?
    No, organizations are eligible through either CFEP Large Funding stream or CFEP Small Funding stream.
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    Can I apply to more than one funding stream in a fiscal year?
    Organizations are eligible to apply for one capital and one non-capital grant per fiscal year through either CFEP or CIP.
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    Can multiple organizations apply for the same capital project?
    Only one CFEP or CIP Project-Based application can be submitted per capital project. A facility can receive only one grant per fiscal year.
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    My organization shares a facility with other organizations. Can we each apply for a grant?
    A facility can receive funding for one project per fiscal year—e.g., roof replacement. Organizations, however, that share facilities with other organizations can each submit a grant request for a project that relates to their own space.
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    Can capital projects be moved between the CFEP Large and Small streams?
    Organizations who wish to switch CFEP funding streams will be required to withdraw their current CFEP application and reapply on the next deadline date with their revised application.
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    Is it possible to apply for multi-year funding on one application?
    Multi-year funding is not being considered as applicants have the opportunity to request larger grant amounts. Applicants who phase their project must be able to demonstrate that the project is viable and sustainable.
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    What is a 'phased' project?
    Depending on the size and scope of a construction project, organizations may submit applications for stand-alone aspects for the same facility—e.g., feasibility study, design and blueprint stage, initial construction to lock up stage and completion phase.
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    Can I apply if I don't have all my matching funding in place?
    Organizations are evaluated on their ability to provide matching funds as well as organizational and project viability and sustainability. Organizations with less than 50 per cent of their match in place will be given a lower priority.
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    Why has debt reduction been eliminated?
    Debt reduction is considered a retro-active cost which is not eligible for funding through CFEP Large or CFEP Small Funding streams.
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    Can I appeal the funding decision for additional monies?
    Due to the large volume of grant requests received, appeals regarding the funding decision will no longer be accepted. All funding decisions are final. Organizations that have not started their project and were not successful in receiving funding may apply for the next deadline. Organizations will still be expected to submit up to date mandatory information.
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    What is the difference in reporting requirements between the CFEP Small and CFEP Large Stream programs?
    For CFEP Small Stream Program, a Final CFEP Financial Accountability Report (FCAR) is required to be submitted by the Grant Recipient. It is not necessary to engage an accountant when preparing the FCAR.

    For CFEP Large Stream Program, a Project Summary Report, a financial statement prepared through a review engagement and a Review Engagement Report are required. The Review Engagement Report must be prepared by a certified public accountant licensed to practice in Alberta.
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    What other funding opportunities are available?
    More information on funding sources is available at Resources and Links - Financial Assistance Summary - on the Alberta Culture and Tourism website.

    Applicants are encouraged to explore federal, provincial, municipal programs and foundations for other funding opportunities available to non-profit organizations.
Last reviewed/revised: June 27, 2017
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