Reflections on Leadership

15 Albertans share lessons and insights about what it means to be a leader and a community-builder. These informative and inspirational stories provide valuable perspectives on the role of leadership in the non-profit and voluntary sector.

Listen to Rene Vaugeois Rene Vaugeois
John Humphrey Centre for Peace and Human Rights, Edmonton

"I think a leader is someone who can recognize and value the humanness in all people."
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Listen to John Timko John Timko
Village of Tilley

"The leader sometimes isn't the person at the front of the parade. I think the leader is the person who gives people the tools to do what they need to get done."
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Listen to Brenda Hume Brenda Hume
Airdrie Community Links, Airdie

"Always having a goal in mind."
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Listen to Queenie Choo Queenie Choo
formerly of the Chinatown Care Centre, Edmonton

"There are inherent leadership traits in everyone ... you want to capitalize on people's strengths."
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Listen to Ken Low Ken Low
Action Studies Institute, Calgary

"Ordinary leaders lead people where they want to go. Great leaders lead people where they ought to go."
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Listen to Maureen Wills Maureen Wills
FCSS Advisory Board, Cochrane

"You have to dream. I am a dreamer. The dreams don't die, just the dreamers, and that brings the passion to want to do something."
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Listen to Nina Gales Nina Gales
formerly with the Town of Olds

"What I am out there doing is building capacity in other people"
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Listen to Helen Rusich Helen Rusich
formerly of the Edmonton Mennonite Centre for Newcomers, Edmonton

"When I work with a group of people, I am assessing: What can I bring?
What can other people bring to the table?"

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Listen to Debbie-Layne MacLeod Debbie-Layne MacLeod
Healthy Communities Initiative, High River

"You say what you mean and then you do what you say ... and you do it well and you do it with integrity."
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Listen to Idalia Ivon Pereira Idalia Ivon Pereira
Action for Healthy Communities, Edmonton

"One advice is to believe in people."
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Listen to Kim McClymont Kim McClymont
Medicine Hat Volunteer and Community Information Centre, Medicine Hat

"I would have to say that I am a servant leader ... that's definitely my style."
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Listen to Jean Graham Jean Graham
Lending Cupboard Society of Alberta, Red Deer

"It is the passion to help people."
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Listen to Jim Bague Jim Bague
Town of Rocky Mountain House

"It is important that you listen to everybody. You think about it and then you make a decision. You don't just jump into things."
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Listen to Yvonne Chiu Yvonne Chiu
Multicultural Health Brokers Cooperative, Edmonton

"It is beauty in the sense of human connections and beauty in the sense of we could come to a place of mutual understanding."
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Listen to Tanya Pace-Crosschild Tanya Pace-Crosschild
Opokaa'sin Early Intervention Society, Lethbridge

"Leadership is the ability to learn from others and then give it back to other people."
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Last reviewed/revised: October 26, 2017
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