Alberta Non-profit/Voluntary Sector Initiative

The Alberta Non-profit/Voluntary Sector Initiative (ANVSI) is a collaboration between the Non-profit/Voluntary Sector (NPVS) and the Government of Alberta (GoA). The ANVSI provides a mechanism to identify and resolve issues relating to the sector through mutual and meaningful discussion, and also provides opportunities for individuals from the sector to provide their own personal knowledge and input.

Alberta's Non-profit/Voluntary Sector (NPVS)

The NPVS is a significant part of Alberta's communities and often engages with the GoA in the delivery of programs and services for Albertans. The shared intent is to develop a stronger non-profit/voluntary sector that has the ability to provide services and supports Albertans expect to be part of their communities.

The sector includes more than 24,800 organizations engaged in a wide range of areas - social services, seniors, sports and recreation, environment, health, education, agriculture, arts and culture - touching virtually all aspects of our community life.

It is estimated this sector contributes over 9.6 billion dollars to the provincial GDP and employs more than 187,000 skilled, full-time staff. Add to this the contribution of more than 1.4 million volunteers annually, and you begin to get a sense of the collective impact of the non-profit/voluntary sector on the quality of life in Alberta.

Role and Structure of the ANVSI

Originally established in 2004, the ANVSI was the first provincial initiative in Canada to bring representatives of Alberta's diverse non-profit/voluntary sector together with representatives from across government in an on-going collaborative forum.

Since its inception, ANVSI has played an important role in helping to guide the development of strategies and policies across ministries to support the sector.

Growth of the province has increased demands for programs and services provided by community-based non-profit and voluntary organizations. As a result, ANVSI has evolved in order to effectively meet the changing needs of the sector.

The new structure for ANVSI is the result of deliberations with government and non-profit/voluntary sector stakeholders, aimed at moving this initiative to the next stage with particular emphasis on improving cross-government and cross-sector involvement.

Key to the renewal process has been the restructuring of the organization. This structure will increase engagement with government, the broader non-profit sector and Alberta citizens. The GoA is represented on the ANVSI by the Deputy Minister of three government departments:

  • Alberta Culture and Tourism
  • Alberta Human Services
  • Executive Council

The following diagram demonstrates the model of the ANVSI:

ANVSI Structure

The Leaders' Council includes five representatives from the NPVS and three Deputy Ministers (Culture and Tourism, Human Services and Executive Council) representing the GoA. The mandate of the Leaders' Council is to work collaboratively towards solutions for commonly shared, critical issues to improve the services each sector provides to Albertans. The Leaders' Council will be supported by a Stewardship Forum.

Members of Leaders' Council

Government of Alberta Representatives

  • David Morhart, Deputy Minister, Human Services
  • Denise Perret, Deputy Chief, Policy Coordination Office, Executive Council

Non-profit/Voluntary Sector Representatives

  • Katherine van Kooy, President and CEO of Calgary Chamber of Voluntary Organizations (Co-Chair)
  • Jann Beeston, Executive Director, Volunteer Alberta
  • Lisa Hardy, Executive Director, Alberta Association of Agricultural Societies
  • Pat Letizia, Executive Director, Alberta Ecotrust Foundation
  • Russ Dahms, Executive Director, Edmonton Chamber of Voluntary Organizations

The Stewardship Forum consists of no more than 60 members and includes representatives from a variety of areas from both the NPVS and the GoA. Forum members will bring diverse perspectives and expertise and provide input, advice and feedback to the Leaders' Council. Stewardship Forum members may also be drawn on as a resource pool for the various working groups, which will be struck to address specific Council priorities.

Last reviewed/revised: October 26, 2017
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