Alberta Production Grant

The Alberta Production Grant (APG) is no longer accepting applications. Please refer to the Screen-Based Production Grant.

Important notes:

  • Any pending application received prior to October 3, 2017 will be processed under the APG guidelines.
  • Any committed application under the APG will be honoured and paid out under the APG guidelines.
  • Any application that is in process in GATE or otherwise, but has not yet been “submitted” under the APG must be re-submitted under the Screen-Based Production Grant (SPG).
  • Any application that has already been submitted under the APG, but wants to reapply under the SPG for any reason will be allowed to withdraw their APG application and reapply under the SPG.

Document Links for existing Alberta Production Grants

Support/Reporting Documentation:

Last reviewed/revised: December 1, 2017
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