Annual Report

The Annual Report communicates the ministry's success in achieving its goals. It contains an overview of the ministry, a results analysis focusing on whether the goals and performance measure were achieved and the ministry's financial statements.

Alberta's Cultural Policy - The Spirit of Alberta

The Government of Alberta acknowledges that culture is vital to the individual, social and economic well-being of Alberta and is committed to continuing to support and promote culture in Alberta's second century. Alberta's Cultural Policy - The Spirit of Alberta is our province's cultural policy and is comprised of the following key elements: vision, mission, guiding principles, goals and strategies, outcomes and implementation.

Survey of Albertans on Culture and Tourism

Each year the ministry coordinates a Survey of Albertans on Culture and Tourism. The survey addresses the following areas:

  • Alberta's culture
  • Volunteer work
  • Arts
  • Creative industries
  • Tourism
  • Heritage
  • Recreation
  • Sport
  • Community

The results provide insight into emerging trends, help monitor the effectiveness of programs and services and inform decisions by enhancing the Government of Alberta's understanding of Albertans needs.

Provincial and Territorial Culture Satellite Account

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism is a partner in the Culture Satellite Account – an accounting framework that measures the economic importance of culture and sport in the Canadian economy in terms of output, GDP and employment.

The Culture Satellite Account provides more accurate and more detailed data about Alberta’s culture and sport sectors, as well as how these domains relate and compare with other industries and other jurisdictions.

The infographics below highlight how culture and sport contribute to Alberta’s economy and provide some examples of the industries associated with culture. For more information, visit the Culture Satellite Account website.

Culture Forum 2012 Report: What we heard

In 2012, nearly 400 community leaders from across Alberta gathered in Red Deer at a unique event called Culture Forum 2012. The goal of the forum was to find innovative solutions to common challenges while capitalizing on opportunities to build a thriving cultural sector. The Culture Forum 2012 report provides a compilation of the input received at the forum and from an online survey that was released following the event.

Government of Alberta Public Consultations

Public Consultations help Albertans tell government what they are thinking concerning specific issues. Responses help form policies and legislation.

Last reviewed/revised: November 21, 2017
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