Business Plan & Budget

The ministry's business plan is an ongoing three-year plan that is part of the government's commitment to be open and accountable. It contains information about the environment in which the ministry operates and its goals, priority initiatives, performance measures and budget allocations.


Things are looking up in Alberta. Jobs are up, the deficit is down and with economic recovery well underway, Alberta is moving forward toward a stronger, brighter and more sustainable economic future. Alberta Culture and Tourism remains committed to delivering and maintaining the important programs and services Albertans need in the most efficient, cost effective manner possible. Budget 2018 is about investing in people and expanding our efforts to diversify and grow our economy while ensuring that all Albertans share in the opportunities and prosperity that economy creates.

We are working to diversify our economy and create new opportunities for business and good paying jobs for Albertans through strategic investment in areas such as tourism and the cultural industries. We will continue to work to help realize the full potential of our resources for the benefit of Alberta’s families, communities, visitors and investors. Alberta Culture and Tourism’s 2018-19 budget is $383.2 million including operating and capital investment spending.

Arts and Cultural Industries

The vitality of Alberta’s arts and culture sector is a source of pride for Albertans and an attraction for visitors and investment. By creating new economic opportunities for artists and arts organizations, we help ensure people from all walks of life will continue to enjoy and fully experience Alberta’s culture and creativity. Budget 2018 allocates $100.6 million for arts and cultural industries.


The growth of Alberta’s tourism sector remains a key contributor to the diversification of the Alberta economy. Our commitment for tourism marketing and industry development remains among the highest in the country, and we continue to work with industry stakeholders to grow Alberta as a premier destination for domestic and international travellers while providing exciting, affordable vacation options for Alberta families. Budget 2018 allocates $56.4 million for tourism marketing and development, .


Alberta families and visitors can continue to discover opportunities to explore our province’s past today and for years to come. Funding of $63.5 million allocated in Budget 2018 will help to ensure Albertans and visitors from around the world have continued access to our museums, archives and historic resources.

Non-profit/Voluntary Sector

Employing more than 175,000 Albertans in the delivery of social, cultural and recreational programs and services, the non-profit sector helps deliver the important social programs and services that are making life better for Alberta’s most vulnerable citizens. Budget 2018 provides $132 million in funding for community and voluntary support services.

Recreation and Physical Activity

Sport and recreation are an important part of the culture of our province and we will continue to support initiatives that encourage a healthy, more active lifestyle while creating new economic opportunities for Alberta communities. Budget 2018 provides $26.7 million in support to sport, recreation and physical activity programs and services.

Francophone Secretariat

The historic passage of Alberta’s French Policy in 2017 heralds a new relationship between government and the province’s Francophone community. Alberta's Francophone Secretariat plays a vital role in ensuring we continue to build upon that relationship. Budget 2018 provides $2.2 million for the Francophone Secretariat to help support the planning and delivery of quality French-language services and initiatives aimed at contributing to the development of Francophone communities.

Capital Plan

Through the Capital Plan, we are making strategic investments in cultural and tourism infrastructure. For Alberta Culture and Tourism, the Capital Plan 2018 provides additional investments in tourism infrastructure through the expansion of the Calgary Zoo, Fort Edmonton Park, the Reynolds Alberta Museum and the Royal Tyrrell Museum. This new capital spending will create good paying jobs and further bolster Alberta’s reputation as a world -class tourism destination.

Each day, Alberta’s culture and tourism sectors contribute to the cultural, social and economic well-being of communities across the province. Both sectors will continue to play a prominent role as we work together to diversify Alberta’s economy and build strong communities. We will continue to work with our partners to develop and showcase our resources for the benefit of Alberta’s families, communities, visitors and investors.

Last reviewed/revised: March 22, 2018
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